Return your empties, let's get forties!

by Shootin' Blanx

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released October 15, 2015



all rights reserved


Shootin' Blanx Ottawa, Ontario

B'die- vox

Jonny Blanx- bass

Matt Proudfoot- guitar

Taylor Butler- drums

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Track Name: Day Drunk
Open my eyes, sun's beaming in
Head's pounding, let's start pouring
Where's my bottle , where's my bong?
Jesus fuck, let's get drunk

Day drunk everyday
Day drunk always
Day drunk lifestyle

Where's my 40, where's my whiskey?!
A day old beer's just as good
Strain the flies out the bottle.
Oh my fuck let's get plastered

Stay drunk. Stay Punk
Track Name: No Escape
Surrounded by decay
My mind is in a rut
Look out my window
I see no way out

No escape from this shit
No escape this is it
No escape life is death
No escape My final breath

Surrounded by decay
The soil has been salted
Dead bodies cover the ground
Lifeless plains abound
Track Name: Life Sentence
We're being forced to work for our survival
While the bosses count their cash

We struggle to live while under constant stress
For minimal pay

Life sentence
We're all doomed
Life Sentence
Straight from the womb
Life Sentence
Commit to quit
Life sentence
Fuck this shit

Stuck on my feet all day
With no breaks or time to breathe

We struggle to live for minimum pay,
Won't someone get us out of here

I Quit
Track Name: Blackout
Once again my good friend
I'll lean on you to fill the blanks
Blank spaces in my mind
Blank spaces from my blackout

what did I do
Where did I go
Who did i meet?!
Track Name: Society's Way
You tell us that we don't belong
I've heard that shit for oh so long
You stare at me with my spikey hair
And you really think that I fucking care

You control it all
We'll watch it fall

Punks are human just like you
Despite the fact that we love our glue
We stand here taking all this shit
And we're fucking sick of it!
Track Name: Crackhead
Say you understand, you don't know shit
All you care for is your next hit
Our mom is in tears, you better watch your back
You fucking prick , you're under attack

You were my brother
Now you're just another
Don't want you around
You'll soon hit the ground
Track Name: Beer or Food
Gut is wrecked got nothing to fill it
Got 6 bucks in my pocket
Get some burgers or some stubbies
Fuck it, let's get forties

Beer or food
Constant debate
Beer or food
How much can I take
Beer or food
Return your empties
Beer or food
Let's get forties!
Track Name: Shambles
Constant mess and chaos
Exhaustion,Anxiety rule
This search feels so pointless
What good will come from this?

I'm a mess
I can't get dressed
Don't know what to do
Argh fuck you
Track Name: Punch The Wall
Life's Getting me down
I always feel like a let down
The Sun never comes around
When will I rebound?

I don't know what to do
I don't know where to go
I'm so angry,I'm so fed up
I want to punch the wall!

Fuck this all, I want out!
These thoughts they drag me down!
I'm always in the pits, I'm never feeling "it"
Track Name: Beer me
Drinking is the only way
Finish that beer , Let's just giv'r
Cheers to nights we don't remember
With friends we'll never forget

Keeps me sane
Fills my brain
My good friend
Til the end

Friend or foe, fuck it pogo
Life's too short for petty drama
Swill that 40, pass that vodka
We're not done, 'til we're out!
Track Name: Force Fed
Force fed from birth
Force fed til death
This false information is ruining your minds

Force fed from birth
Force fed til death
No wonder this world's in decline

Brainwashed kids with their brainwashed minds
Growing in these brainwashed times
The population is fucking blind
With money ruling the top, no wonder we're fucking poor
Track Name: Take it back
Singing along in unison
Recently turned to separation
We need to break down the walls that we've built
Spike your hair , lace your boots, start a band, print a zine !

Take back the bars
Take back the streets
Spike your hair , lace your boots
Start a band , print a zine.

Take back the bars
Take back the streets
Spike your hair , lace your boots
We need to fuel our fucking scene

Where did the anger go??
That teen angst that used to flow
Through our noise, and our veins
Now all the kids look the fucking same